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Gazela - Temporary Shelter from 100 to 500 years

Starring: Saša Barbul, Sali Kadrijaj and Muha Blackstazy as Gipsy TV / Script: Saša Barbul / Camera: Rena Rädle, Sali Kadrijaj / Editing: Saša Barbul, Rena Rädle / Soundtrack: Muha Blackstazy / Music, vocals and background vocals: Jovan Obradović, Muhamed Eljšani, Maksud Huma. Belgrade 2009.

“Gazela-Temporary Shelter from 100 to 500 Years” researches the displacement of over 1000 people that lived in the Roma mahala at Gazela Bridge near Staro Sajmište in Belgrade in August 2009. Some of the families were resettled to container camps in the outskirts of Belgrade, far away from the city. Others were returned to the poor south of Serbia they had escaped from, some built new barracks at alternative locations in Belgrade. The city authorities announced new demolitions of Roma settlements.

All interviews and locations are authentic. The movie was recorded in November 2009 in Belgrade (Gazela Bridge), New Belgrade (Block 67), Makiš, Kijevo, Bojnik, Leskovac, Lebane, Novi Sad and Jagodina. Thanks to all that took part in the creation of this movie, which is the result of artistic workshops within the program “Imagine! Intercultural Dialogue and Creative Production”. Organizer of the program was Biro za kulturu i komunikaciju Beograd and it was supported by the Open Society Institute within the Decade of Roma Inclusion.

Partisan Songspiel

A video film by Chto Delat
music by Mikhail Krutik

Partisan Songspiel

Director: Olga Egorova (Tsaplya)
Assistant Directors: Vladan Jeremić, Rena Rädle, Dmitry Vilensky
Script and Stage Design: Vladan Jeremić, Tsaplya, Rena Rädle, Dmitry Vilensky
Costume Design: Natalya Pershina (Gluklya)
Choreography: Nina Gasteva
Editing and Post-Production: Olga Egorova (Tsaplya) and Dmitry Vilensky
Production was done in Belgrade in July 2009 by Biro Beograd za Kulturu i Komunikaciju.

The movie was made possible with the kindly support of:
Foundation for Arts Initiatives, New York
EIPCP, Vienna

View film at: http://vimeo.com/6767572

Partisan Songspiel premiered at Istanbul Bienale 2009 and was first shown in Serbia at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina.


DVD video, 22 mins., 2009.
Concept: Rädle&Jeremić
Editing and camera: Rena Rädle

Belleville (Belville) is the name of a residential complex at New Belgrade being built on the occasion of the international sports manifestation “Summer Universiade 2009”. On 3rd of April 2009 in the early morning, diggers tore down the barracks of 45 families living in close vicinity to the residential units. Their violent eviction was assisted by police without giving time to the residents to save their belongings. Despite Serbia holding the presidency of the “Decade of Roma Inclusion” in year 2009, the authorities didn’t offer alternative housing to the families. The video documents the protest of the victims that set off to the city center three times to demand shelter in front of the city hall.

Under the Bridge

Videodocumentation, 2005, 30 min
Concept: Rädle & Jeremic
Camera: Minna Henriksson, Peter Jap Lim, Rena Rädle
Editing: Rena Rädle

"Under the Bridge", a view on Belgrade or the discovery of an inner city. In december 2004 a group of people met in Belgrade to encounter together the city. Four days of walks and talks brought up a variety of new perspectives for both, guests and hosts. The strange inside of the own city and the usual inside of the foreign shows this documentation about an unconventional making of contact with Belgrade, which ends with a surprising encounter under the bridge.


On Use Value of Art

Catalogue for the exhibition “On Use Value of Art”, 15. 04. 2010 at Babel, Trondheim, Norway

On Use Value of Art, Trondheim 2010

Download publication: >> On Use Value of Art

Ivan Basso, André Raatzsch, Sibylle Hofter, Rädle&Jeremić and Stephan Kurr comment on their relation towards collaborative working processes, exhibition practice and use value of art.

Catalogue Grozdanića i Bogdanovića

Catalogue for the exhibition “SIMPTOMI SINGULARIZACIJE – Srbstva slučaj: biće i ljudi”, 13. 06. 2008 at Magacin, Belgrade

Simptomi singularizacije, Beograd 2008



2007, 128 pages, srpski, english, deutsch

download pdf

Under the Bridge Beograd

Book, 80 pages
Editors: Vladan Jeremic and Rena Rädle
Design: Ricarda Wallhäuser
Authors: Vladan Jeremic, Maja Ciric, Sinisa Cvetkovic, Dragan Ignjatov, Zorica Jovanovic, Stephan Kurr, Predrag Miladinovic, Tanja Ostojic, Dr Agan Papic, Ivana Rankovic, David Rych

download pdf



Färgfabriken, Centre for Art and Architecture
Lövholmsbrinken 1, SE 117 43 Stockholm

Saturday, September 17th
18.00 Opening talk: Vladan Jeremić, Nils Claesson and the artists
19.00-01.00 Live performance, music, food & bar

Artists: Marina Abramović, Lana Čmajčanin, Chto Delat?, Igor Grubić, Živko Grozdanić Gera, Adela Jušić, Nikolay Oleynikov, Shadow Museum, Alma Suljević, Jaroslav Supek
Curator: Vladan Jeremić

I Will Never Talk About the War Again* brings artistic and theoretical positions that focus on social analysis, the state of the human psyche and testimonies of trauma connected with recent wars and violence in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The works by artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Russia show complex post war processes and confront the societies critically with their past and their collective trauma of war.

Can contemporary artistic practice find a language with which it is possible to speak politically about individual and collective war and post-war experiences? Is it possible to find an adequate artistic expression, and is it always necessary to create empathy in the process of understanding? Silence and amnesia are the most common reactions to trauma; does art in this sense actually also remain silent by using only the symbolic language of images and sounds, staying in the field of mediation and symbolism?

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog including essays by Cecilia Sjöholm, professor in aesthetics at Södertörns University; Sezgin Boynik, sociologist and PhD candidate at Jyväskylä University, Finland and Šefik Tatlić, theoretician with MA in Journalism and PhD candidate at the University in Zagreb, Croatia.
Šefik Tatlić expressed the whish to distance himself publicly from the essay by Cecilia Sjöholm.

His statement can be downloaded here:

The online version of the catalog can be downloaded here:

*The title of the exhibition is borrowed from the video performance I Will Never Talk About the War Again, by the two artists Adela Jušić and Lana Čmajčanin.

Artistic workshops with youths, 2009

Putovanje u svet naših želja
Artistic workshop with youths, 2008
view documentation

Writing on the sky
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