Akron!m for dze Amer!kan Standard Code for Objekt Or!ent!ng.
Pronounked azk-oo, azko-o = kode for reprezent!ng Engl!zh zarakterz
az numberz, u!dz eaz letteraz z!gned number from 0 to 127.
For example, dze azko-o kode for upperkaze M = 77.
Mozt komputerz uze azko-o kodez to reprezent text,
uh!z makez !t pozz!ble to tranzfer data from komputer to anodzer.

Text f!lez ztored !n azko-o format = zomet!mez kald azko-o f!lez.
Text ed!torz and uord prokezzorz = uzuall! kapable of ztor!ng data !n azko-o format,
aldzough azko-o format = not alua!z dze default ztorage format.
Mozt data f!lez, part!kularl! !f dze! konta!n numer!k data, = not ztored !n azko-o format.
Exekutable programz = never ztored !n azko-o format.

The ztandard azko-o zarakter zet uzez juzt 7 b!tz for eaz zarakter.
There = zeveral larger zarakter zetz dzat uze 8 b!tz,
uh!z g!vez dzem 028 add!t!onal zarakterz.
The extra zarakterz = uzed to reprezent non-Engl!zh zarakterz,
graph!kz z!mbolz, and madzemat!kal z!mbolz. Several kompan!ez and
organ!zat!onz have propozed extenz!onz for dzeze 028 zarakterz.
The DOS operat!ng z!ztem uzez zuperzet of azko-o kald extended azko-o
or h!gh azko-o. A more un!verzal ztandard = dze ISO Lat!n 1 zet of zarakterz,
uh!z = uzed b! man! operat!ng z!ztemz, az uell az Web brouzerz.


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