Novi Sad, Januar 2004

Realisation of the situationist projections

The movement of the Situationist International is defined as speech, thought and engagement through critical strategy, publication of anarcho-marxistic truth, falsification of repressive behaviour and terrorism of different sociocultural significations. The representants of this movement, known and unknown, right and left, were working with synchronical treatment and affirmation of parallelity in time until to their proclaimed self-dissolution in 1972.

In the beginning of nineties the Situationist International enters the museum archives of the unstable market space. With this act situationism is decorating the armour of management knowledge and becomes quasi contra-criticism. On the marketplace of the social field such contra-criticism is only weapon of cultural management or similar mediators, that are responsible for building the image of the superconsumer.

In this analysis we rely on existing archives and resources containing material and relations referring to the situationists. Of central importance for understanding the realisation of the situationistic projections is their application on the social field and beyond it and the general spreading of meanings. Socio-field can be defined as first field of projection/fiction, on which is imposed totalitarian homogenity after the annihilation of the economical, political, cultural or ideological frame. Information and communication processes are groups that project themselves into the frame of this field and other integration systems like it is the system of market.

Management is defined as global acting in the sense of organisation of information- and communication-processes on the first field of projection. Passwords or slogans show up like keys on the surface of the first field of socio-projection/fiction. On their link-relations we read the instruments for the administration of cultural politics and ideological sharing of power.

idea of situationists

Anarchistic background, dadaism, lettrism, situationism, communication guerilla, neoism and all kinds of terrorism leave us back in a simple mode of dialectical definition and create a climate of power that constructs the cultural product for the constitution of terrorist models of market. (We can explain this on the example of neoism: The neoist is like a maniristic rest of situationism, knocked out by the economies he was following. He does not offer a way out of the project's multilayers, which situate themselves like unstable criticism inside of the parodistic contra-cultural worshipping of all subfields and models of marketing economy.)

This climate is able to connect and to penetrate all levels of the hierarchical patriarchal materialist heritage with a legal product of terrorism, that is a terminology manipulated according to market- and political engagement in the name of a totalitar bureaucratic model with polyimperialist intension.

An example for this process can be seen at the term of culture. What remains from the cultural engagement like an evidence of mediation and management terror is only economical political cultural ware, i.e. product. This "cultural acting" will be transformed into the password "artistic work", in relation with the managemental-economical-ideological act.

This new "password" will have the right to enter specific architectures and to applicate on this fundament. (Cultural management corrects the romantic tails of art according to the current ideological political reality.) Passwords for entering a special cultural field show up like keys i.e. "key words" or parameters that can be measured through statistic methods of advertising strategies. The intention of profit groups in ideology and politics is calculating with the frequency of their occurance. The real arrangement of moving or statical values can be seen through slogans of discoursive groups, their outcomes, the size of archive, the way of movement and the transformation of the term itself.

The password "situationism" can be expressed in relation to other statistical keys. In september 2003 it was around 2,38%, whereas "fluxus" could reach only 0,02 percent points. That means in relation with other pop slogans inside the discours of cultural politics "SI" is very high rated. Representation and functioning of this password and also its application on the extension of the cultural subfield is a factor for the predatory act of management strategy. A row of parameter like the velocity of changes of links, new archives and repetition through quotation give measureable values which determinate further strategies.

Speaking about the Situationist International is a problem of language itself and turns into megainterpretation. The question, if Debord's "Society of the Spectacle" can be understood like a didactical material about polydialectical systems of pop guerilla, piercing, games, neo punk and tatoo culture packed inside of the situationistic lowbudget frame of interpretation.... it seems like this attempt is not possible.

The antagonisms of the fragmental field of projection show the following applications:

Situationism realized itself in two aspects:

  1. market (extends to the first field of projection, might correspond with the idea of the "intergrated spectacle")
  2. subjective personal plan (in this direction situationistic idea about realisation of the world revolution might be possible)


According to the first application: The Idea of the Situationist International is absorbed by manager's activism. In fact the situationist activist is the ideal manager. He is playing with value ranges, provokes conflicts on the scene of the projected media field, profiles categories and instruments, distributes skandals and boomerang collages in the discourses of expectation, he is constituing fake identities, performances PR and para-advertizing. The manager is the flower of the situationist tradition, but also its bastard.

The failed megadreams of situationists transformed into bureaucratic agencies, which are selling the last pieces of neo-avantgarde. Techno-romantism, décor management, politics of the corporational investitions and power, 5th observation field, multilevel marketing of copy left and unformal economies of the flee markets, NGO-re-watch experiments, copies of dead presentation, anti-globalist movements, para-economies of agencies, peasant’s neo-anarchism, open source, disgusting architectural transparence of signification are victims, who are neither accepting the modesty of economical materialism nor the death like outsiders.

Actions on the street, sixtyeight-contra-paroles, RAF underground, unbelievable strategies of political parties in postcommunistic systems, students parodical nonprotests, neo-nazism of populist leaders that are hunting unstable identities to stick nationalist quotations on them, bombing and terrorist performances with non-existing fundamentalist expression, quasi dictatorship practice, police violence - attempt to control body and informations, all together is contra-situationistic practice and overtakes the public sphere in desinformative manner.

picture A. in the dark zone of the first socio-economical projection field Situationist International (SI) was sucked from manager’s side (M).


picture B. Mutant manager activist, good armoured, using many techniques and strategies produced by situationist actionism (SI) together with the following "pro-situ" phenomenon.


To criticize the SI phenomenon is affirmation through the practice of quantity, which situationists are suggesting themselves. This is almost didactic method. With repetition and quotating of this name itself we are building a fundament of value that stands undisputed in the floating systems of para-advertising. In this space of accumulation context really does not exist. With quotating and mentioning this name we are filling archives already full of confirmations, opinions and recipies about the Situationist International. These archives can be used with any purpose, and this pure quantity is showing the nature of term itself. It is erased, transformed and emerges again like a password. Incredible lists of quotations are expanding from disappeared authorships to custom values of the tribal urban elite. From the very beginning dealing with SI heritage should have been transformed into nothing. This means not to mention and not to write it. We beg for euthanasia of the name and to exile SI from language and text.


But what is happening on the personal projective plan, on which we can build defence and where management terror can not harm us? There is a moment when the integrating performance is not enough equvivalent and valid, then only subjective truth released from utilitaristic fundaments can give this kind of solution.

To be recognized by the group of expectators, you have to sacrifice your subject like a first step into the field of market. You become a victim of the economical strategies. The biggest problem is inside of the repetitive affirmation system. The main characteristic for every unstabile subject surrounded by knowledge inside the space of the first field of projection is repetition. The reference of the matrix is the presentation of repetition. Affirmation through sedimented repetitive practices like breathing air, eating and drinking, perform a strong factor to keep the cult of progenitors. Language and text are the most scary products of this repetitive practice. Without repetitive affirmation communication is not possible.

The recipe is simple.

Stay in your own personal-subjective space and don’t let any information interrupt your personal power. Do not receive information! To be in uninformative modus means not to absorb meta-economical strategies from the space of market. Not to have answer about things and aspects from the socio-political reality. Not to participate. The space of uncommunication is space of revolutionary idea. Sabotage of the communicational channels can offer a real chance to leave the totalitar homogene situation. According to the algorithm of language we don’t have rhetorical ability to name this uncommunicative saboteurs. This recipe can be considered like a simple solution: Our algorithm is catastrophy! Rejection of repetitive affirmation demolishes the basic matrix of thinking inside the materialistic spectrum of projections. This act calls upon to the brutal act of erasing the everyday life. It disqualifies representation and it is based on the idea that the first field of projection is built like a construction of reality. This reality is constantly dissolving and can be seriously disturbed in its fundament of practices and wishes.

This kind of unsystematical acting can be realized in: Creating an absolutely personal space without legimation through context and repetitive affirmation. Not to participate in any kind of "creative or uncreative" animation. Not to base criticism on spatial relations and not to criticize the first field of projection. Not to transform communicational information, not to spread information, not to use or share information or "desinformation". To work under the "OUT" amateur quasi regime. OUTpraxa is Sendipraxa, Lipstic Collectors, Subjective Totalitarism, Belgrade Zeros, Displaced Dilemma.

lipstick collector no1 lipstick collector no2


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