Phenomena of Transfer

r   stands there talking to the commission about her work. she wears     
    black trousers and a very tight black corsett under a strange red   
    children's jacket. next to her stands a bag on the floor.

v   sits and plays the transparent shell game.
    suddenly he shouts in r's direction:
v:  hey, what are you doing there!
r:  i try to explain what i do.
v:  stop this immediately. go over there!
r:  what? ah, leave me alone!
v   stands up and pushes r to a certain point in the room. 
    then he goes back to the transparent shell game.
v:  stand there! dont move from that position!
r   goes on to talk about what she plans to do in yugoslavia.
v:  shut up!
r:  but i am in the middle of a presentation.
v:  that is not of any interest.
v   shifts the shells.
v:  put your shoes off!
    as r doesnt react immidiately, v stands up and comes close to her.
r   puts her shoes of. in this moment, v rips r's jacket off 
    and goes back to shift the shells.
v:  move over there!
r   is getting ready to move and pulls the bag over.
v:  leave the bag alone!
    what is inside?
r:  nothing special.
v   comes over. he pulls things out of the bag (palota pincsi shirt,
    metatesla, small globe, rak, chinese chokolat, lion, providna srna     
    etc) and throws them around shouting:
v:  what is this? and this?
r:  its for you!

at that moment starts the sound of a helicopter

r:  this is our helicopter. lets go.

v and r collect the things together and leave.